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Desk Organizers; Office eyewear rest; 7"L x 3"W x 1"H;choose cateye, unisex, & other illustrations, with a variety of colors available.

Glasses/Misc Tray

  • Provide a whimsical and soft rest  for your eyeglasses. Eyewear is more than an accessory, it's an extension of our personality.  Treat it with TLC and express your unique style, with a variety frame designs that each say "You've nailed it". Batting inside allows for a cushion and firm interfacing gives the tray a perky stance. It will greet you each morning with a grin from your bedside table, or computer desk top. This fabric tray provides a soft landing for anything that you like to keep at arm's reach while working on creative projects.  Guaranteed to bring a smile to your lips and positive energy to your workspace/dwelling. Organize children's workspace. Organize  office desk, kitchen counter space dedicated to mail/family business station and general organization. It'll become your way of adding some Marie Kondo into your life!

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