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 I use a process that is called modern free-motion machine embroidery, which means that I layer pieces of fabric on the 100% cotton and then stitch the artwork using my vintage machine. As the needle taps away, my hands guide the subject under the stationary needle with flowing motion that "sketches" in the details of the image. It is an artistic expression which brings me great joy and, in turn, brings joy to others. I created this from a random photograph that I pulled from the Instagram tag, streetphotographersfdn, and truly giggled through the whole process of my rendition.  This will truly become a one-of-a-kind keepsake that will be cherished for life, and passed on for generations! Act quickly, before this sweet wall accent is snatched up. You will be enormously rewarded!

NOTE: this wall-hangings is unframed 24" x 24" Fabric Art Over Studio Wood Panel


  • Title:           GATE GOGGLES

    Medium:     Fiber Art/ 24” x 24” Studio Wood Panel

    Anyone who has been around animals, or had a pet, of any kind knows how animated they can be. We also know to look into their eyes if we want to communicate with their soul. I happen to wear eyeglasses in front of my eyes; have been since fourth grade. As a child, I found them to be a nuisance, getting in the way of certain volleyballs, Frisbees, kickballs. I have grown to accept them and now consider them a fashion statement --- a way of expressing my personality (I also grew up wearing school uniforms where eyeglasses, and shoes, were a way of standing out as an individual). Well, in my eyes, this rendition of a photo depicts the true humorous character of a goofy Labrador/Golden Retriever,  because it actually looks like she is wearing spectacles! I hope that you give a chuckle when you come upon its sight.

    Price:          $350

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