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  Allow me to capture your most precious furry family members personalities and turn them into a keepsake. Choose from tote bags, pillows, and/or wall hangings. 

             I will "paint" a portrait of your animal companion to cherish.

  With an eye for expressive textiles, I capture the essence of each subject by painting with fabric. My layered art is purely authentic using timeless techniques to create lasting visually inspiring pieces. Each design is organically made using free hand embroidery technique. I employ my bygone era treadle sewing machine (whom I call "Bessie") to tap precise stitches. By moving the fabric under the stationery "pencil" I am able to "sketch"out the subject. I use thread to sketch over the top of colorful fabric. It's similar to applique', with a touch of detail added for character. It's a process that brings me great joy. My wish is to transfer this heart-made energy into your life.

  I will work with you to customize the piece to your satisfaction. My goal is set at representing your precious pet's personality, to the best of my ability. A project starts with a conversation to learn about the story you want to tell about your dear one ( pack or pride) in a one-of-a-kind, commissioned piece. The process is usually inspired by a photograph, sketched with the essence of the subject, then a color palette is selected, and finally the textiles are carefully prepared and pieced together by hand.

Furbabies in Fiber

SKU: 364215376135191
  • Each item is an original work of art. The artist first communicates with you to learn about your pet and the story you are looking to tell throught the portrait. Is your pet sweet? feisty? happy? lazy? grumpy? She then sketches out the portrait and creates a color palette and selections of colorful textured fabrics that will bring out the essence of your furry friend. Next, the fabric is cut like puzzle pieces and hand sewn together on a vintage treadle sewing machine kindly referrred to as "Bessie".

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