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Winter Holiday,Table Setting,Gift,Set of 4,Cloth Napkins,20" Square, 5"x 10" Folded,Polar Bear, Goose, Fox, Partridge on grey and white plaid

Arctic Animals Napkins

SKU: 364115376135191
  • Table-Scaping is vital for Holiday Dinners! Set your table with these napkins to make everyone feel delight from the whimsy of each character. The fabric was purchased in the USA and sets off the beautiful appliqued-artarctic animals as if they were museum pieces. I use a process that is called modern free-motion machine embroidery, which means that I layer pieces of fabric on the (all handmade, by me) napkin and then stitch over the top using my hands to guide the fabric under the stationary needle. As the needle taps away, my hands guide the subject, with flowing motion, to "sketch" in the details of the image. It is an artistic expression that brings me great joy and, in turn, brings joy to others. This set of 4 napkins is one of only two that exists! You will be receiving/gifting a one-of-a-kind keepsake that will be cherished for life, and passed on for generations! Act quickly, before these sweet table accents are snatched up. You will be enormously rewarded!

      I want you to know that I have available 2 fox and 2 partridge that will make a set of 6, with a discount to $35/each when you purchase 6 and up.

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