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My business is all about bringing joy and wonder to others with handmade decor offerings. I draw inspiration from subject matter that shows even the small things in life can bring moments of delight.  

With an eye for expressive textiles, I capture the essence of each subject (be it animal or inanimate) by painting with fabric. My layered art is purely authentic using timeless techniques to create lasting visually inspiring pieces.

My media of choice is a colored palette of fabric selected, carefully prepared, and pieced together by hand in such a way as to mimic brush strokes with paint and paintbrush.  It's a process that brings me great joy. My wish is to transfer this heart-made energy into your life.

Take home anything from my shop to display how you appreciate who you authentically are with pieces that express your uniqueness.

AMERICAN KESTREL Fabric Collage Art, 24" x24"

  • Title:          AMERICAN KESTREL

    Medium:    Fabric Collage Art

                          24” x 24” Canvas Stretched Over Wood Frame

    I love to draw inspiration from my surroundings in Bristol Hills of Upstate New York.

    The American Kestrel turned up at my doorstep a few years back when I was certain that there must have been a squirrel “scritching” around inside the overhang of my house. Curse you squirrel!

    Upon further observation, I discovered that a pair of American Kestrels had settled into their own penthouse apartment on the highest point of the house. Much to my delight three beautiful fledglings later appeared in our nearby tree, making a lovely brood of five.

    This was the perfect time for me to capture this auspicious bird’s image.

    Price:                  $358

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