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Allow me to "paint" a portrait of your animal companion. With an eye for expressive textiles, I capture the essence of each subject by painting with fabric. My layered art is purely authentic using timeless techniques to create lasting visually inspiring pieces.

I will work with you to customize the piece to your satisfaction. My goal is set at representing your precious pet's personality, to the best of my ability. A project starts with a conversation to learn about the story you want to tell about your dear one ( pack or pride) in a one-of-a-kind, commissioned piece. The process is usually inspired by a photograph, sketched with the essence of the subject, a color palette is selected, and the textiles are carefully prepared and pieced together by hand.

 It's a process that brings me great joy. My wish is to transfer this heart-made energy into your life.

Prices vary with size. The featured (Cat Face/24" x 24") piece, shown here, is priced at $628. Commissioned pieces range from $601.88 to $1,082.88.

Design My Pet 24" x 24" Cat Face

  • Title:          CAT FACE 

    Medium:    Fabric Collage Art/24” x 24” Studio Wood Panel

    When I think of this portrait, that I call CAT FACE, the image of my favorite household tabby from childhood comes to mind. On sunny mornings he would sit and look at me with his all-knowing face. With great pleasure I have captured a rendition of his whimsical personality from my memory.

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