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Wendy Yvonne


When viewing contemporary embroidery art, online, Wendy’s mind immediately flashed back to the vivid colors and simplistic subjects of her childhood. It became her  "Aha Moment". This reflection helped to reignite the wonder and joy in life that had been missing in her former professional career. 

Armed with this revelation she began to explore contemporary embroidery art with some of her favorite subjects: nature, pets, shoes, and items with pure beauty (i.e. feathers, root vegetables, farm animals, etc.).

Wendy’s work seeks to serve those who appreciate life’s quiet moments captured in time. She offers gifts showing that you are expressive, creative and unique, much like the person receiving the thoughtful present.

Fur Babies in Fiber

Fur Babies in Fiber

Memories Captured in Fiber

Memories in Fiber
Fashion to Farm

Farm to Fashion

20210518_162742 (1).jpg

"Wendy puts so much joy and heart into her crafting. She was above and beyond attentive and thoughtful, and sent me samples and advice. Best Etsy experience I've had to date. Quick turnaround and delivery. The finished product looked amazing."

Etsy Customer

"This is like an HGTV reveal!!! OMG love to pieces. They are better than perfect!!! Love love love. Fun fun fun! Just phenomenal!!! It's perfect...very Chester!

— Betsy, Mom of 3 canines (including Chester)

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