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Wendy Yvonne


I am all about spreading joy and wonder with handmade decor offerings. Drawing inspiration from subjects that capture simplistic moments in time.

My eye for expressive textiles depicts the essence of each subject with layered art that is purely authentic and visually inspiring.

My media of choice is a colored palette of fabric selected, carefully prepared, and pieced together by hand in such a way as to mimic brush strokes with paint and paintbrush.  It's a process that brings me great joy. My wish is to transfer this heart-made energy into your life.

Take home anything from my shop to display how you appreciate who you authentically are with pieces that express your uniqueness


"Wendy puts so much joy and heart into her crafting. She was above and beyond attentive and thoughtful, and sent me samples and advice. Best Etsy experience I've had to date. Quick turnaround and delivery. The finished product looked amazing."

Etsy Customer


"This is like an HGTV reveal!!! OMG love to pieces. They are better than perfect!!! Love love love. Fun fun fun! Just phenomenal!!! It's perfect...very Chester!

— Betsy, Mom of 3 canines (including Chester)

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